Manuel Romero - Singer/Songwriter

Manuel Romero Bio

His message is one that inspires people to be all that they can be. This message leads to individual greatness. Manuel Romero is clean cut and produces real, long lasting music for all generations. Manuel is a singer-songwriter musician. His current group consist of a live band,professional back up dancers,singers and Rap Artist. Manuel's stage presence is commanding and connecting, his pure original sounding voice on a recording is just as clean and powerful during a live performance. His looks and personality are expensive, polished,classy, warm and good. He is charismatic and can easily socialize with dignitaries yet his humble nature makes him the voice and man of the pueblo. Manuel is bilingual and bicultural. He is able to empower all thru music. He is known for swooning and entrancing the ladies in the audience. Manuel loves Mexican food , tacos and a great party! 


Hispanic female teens and young adults are the growing purchasing power in the USA and that is his target market.

Short Term Plan

Manuel recently released the Quince ReMix/Birthday Queen Song. This song is an instant upbeat crowd pleaser. Manuel travels around the country performing his new hit. Manuel plans to continue live performance and auditioning for TV and Movie roles. Manuel enjoys performing at local High Schools to promote education, family, and morals; a message to the young people that you can attain your dreams with hard work and dedication. Manuel's music sends a message that speaks of staying strong and healthy, and one that keeps families together.

Long Term Plan

Crossover to mainstream and International markets in english


Grammy Camp Scholarship Recipient

People en Espanol  Commendation

Todos A Cantar Televisa MX Finalist

America's Got Talent Top 20

Warner Music Latina Artist

Most Influential Latino Silicon Valley

Golden Boy Promotions Events

Nominated For a Latin Grammy


National Radio & TV

Live Concerts

Raiders/49er's Anthem and Half-time show


Former-President Fox of Mexico

Former-President Zedillo of Mexico

Pope John Paul II

Former-President Toledo of Peru


Rafa Sardina

Juan Carlos Paz y Puente

Nada Micheal Walden

Jon Cain


Buddy the Buddy Holly Story (LA/San Jose)

Altar Boys(san Jose)


El arbor de la horca(Mexico




Orgulloso de Ser -Romero Bro's

Christmas is Comin'- Romero Bro's

Santa Maria-Romero Bros

Manuel Romero-Warner Music Latina

Music of Love - Narada Micheal Walden 

El Mix de Manuel Romero- MRF Entertainment

Albums Sold




5000 on mailling list